Sebastian Magnani is a Switzerland based photographer known for his intimate portraits masterfully utilising light and colour to create emotional scenes.

He developed an interest in photography while completing an apprenticeship in media design. In 2011, after 5 years of creative work at an advertising agency,
he decided to turn his passion into his profession. Since then, he has worked as a photographer in Zurich and has implemented various artistic projects.

His latest series “Daily Bat” skill-fully captures the aura of the cultural icon. Batman, and places him within the context of our normal, everyday reality thus
colliding two worlds with surprising and inspirational results.

The figure Batman becomes a person with whom we can identify with, seeming to sympathise through a shared sense of isolation.

In Magnani’s photos, heroic figures become relatable characters. The artist doesn’t portray his subjects in civilian clothes – instead, he depicts them in
costume. Through this approach, Magnani portrays a charming and unique hero who behaves very differently from what you might expect.


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