Going by SCRABL, Hayden James Bone translates the world around him into complex visual wonders on canvas.

Erin Irwin writes.

The route towards refining your practice can often be a long one, testing out different mediums, subjects and even creative industries until you find something that can effectively convey your aesthetic voice. For Hayden James Bone, an interest in drawing led him through careers in illustration, animation, and product design, until he discovered the visual potential of paint.

From here, his artistic alter-ego SCRABL was born. “I explored many styles to eventually arrive at my latest work where I feel I have got a lot closer to my vision as an artist”, he says. “The journey has been very introspective and provided a meaningful path of progress and maturity.”

The artist has labelled his style as “contextual pop”, bringing together the visual intensity and preoccupation with mass culture of Pop Art with the Context Art movement of the 1990s that dealt with the notion of art itself, which he executes with a distinctly contemporary spirit. Using the universally recognisable form of the scrabble board, SCRABL engages in wordplay and humour to deconstruct famous phrases or concepts. These are sourced from an array of fields, from philosophy to popular culture, politics to cartoons, and famous figures contemporary and past.


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