Born in Medellin, Colombia, and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, Riocam has left an indelible mark on Miami’s fashion industry over the past decade. His lens has defined the identities of The Webster, Armani, Palm Angels, OFF-WHITE, ERES Paris, and L’Oreal. Currently, he’s the Founder & Creative Director of RIOCAM GALLERY in Miami Design District and a Creative Director at UNITED RIVERS.

“My journey began five years ago when I photographed my first supercar—a stunning Ferrari Testarossa under Miami’s brilliant sun. The contrast of the azure sea and sky against the fiery red metal was electric. Draped in Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino, the model exuded  empowerment, offering a glimpse of my childhood dream realised. These cars, once posters on my wall, transformed my perspective, becoming true works of art on wheels. Interacting with these cars sparks boundless joy and cinematic creativity. They were meant to be touched, driven, and celebrated, not hidden away. I’m immensely grateful to collectors for their trust and access to history’s iconic cars. Curating moments with these rare automotive treasures, often off-limits, aligns with my passion for breaking fashion boundaries, where magic often happens.” – RIO

“By blending engineering, artistry, high fashion, and the feminine form, I’ve gained a profound appreciation for my creative process. I revel in surrealism, exploring ideas that defy reality—like a woman in an extravagant dress and heels changing a car’s wheel with a crossbar. This delightful enigma fuels my passion: crafting hyperboles and metaphors that turn imagination into reality while challenging clichés and stereotypes.” – RIO

“With each shot, I strive to create timeless images, meant to transcend generations, just as Guy Bourdin’s photographs did for me. His work captivated me in adulthood, reminding me of my present endeavours—the vibrant colours, boundless freedom, and the sheer pleasure he derived from his craft. His influence on my work is immeasurable, and my ongoing quest has been: how can I channel his spirit in this new era? He thrived in the golden age of fashion photography during the ’70s—a time of limitless self-expression, devoid of rules or boundaries.” – RIO

“Mv personal work will always continue to evolve, while maintaining the ultimate goal of my images: to entertain the subject. I have always said that if I weren’t a photographer, I would be a writer, because you can create anything with a pencil…it’s your imagination running wild In my early years, I wanted to be a filmmaker because in this medium vou can tell a full story from beginning to end. And that’s mv great love: telling stories. Whether that is through art, design, engineering or the feminine form. My dream for these images you hold now in your hands is that they become more than a page you will simply turn … that they move you to pause for a moment and.feel something” – RIO


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