The Summer Of 75

Los Angeles, USA – 2022


Spielberg once said “a good idea almost always starts off as a bad idea, that’s
why it takes so long”.
I am drawn to filming road stories as the road can direct the viewer and the
implicit journey is an allegory of the journey of life; we are all on our own road
Sunset Boulevard does not split landscapes with the majesty and grandeur of
the deserts of the South West, but it is up there for me as one of the most
exciting stretches of road in America. It is the heart of movie land and the
massive billboards on the strip in West Hollywood leave the driver in no doubt
that they are in the entertainment capital of the world.
My favourite filming location on the boulevard is looking west on the border of
West Hollywood and Hollywood. In part because I can give a nod to one of the
most famous hotels in the world without killing the compositional balance and
in part because the famous vertical billboard, so often used by Marlboro in the
old days, is in the heart of the image.
It is a special part of Americana and I am surprised that American icons have
not been filmed more often in this location. I guess one reason is that it’s a very
busy road and shutting it down for filming is not easy.
The idea of shooting here needed work and refinement. We needed a lead, we
needed to close the road down and then we needed a creative idea around
which to wrap everything. My choice of lead was easy; Cindy Crawford is made
for this shot. The closure of the road restricted our window to a Sunday
morning between sunrise and 8 am, which meant a 4.30 am wake up. But Cindy
is the most punctual, professional and willing of all the stars with whom we
The creative processing was the key. I decided that we could go back in time to

an era when Hollywood was free rolling, liberal and fun and all the props would
emphatically play to that moment in time. It was the love and peace summer of
Cindy’s team of stylist Nicole Allowitz; hair stylist Peter Savic and make up star
Sam Visser are one hell of a crew and she looked absolutely fantastic. My job is
easy with her on board and as always, we had a blast. I wanted a mid 70s vibe
and Cindy’s team and my production team delivered.
I am pleased that one of the greatest films of all time – Jaws – takes care of the
Marlboro billboard. As its iconic director said “good ideas take time”.
This image features the rare Tamaskan dog breed; genetically almost identical
to the wolf.


Digital Pigment Print on Archival
315gsm Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta Paper
Frame included
Hand signed and numbered on the front by the artist
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity


Available Sizes (Framed Size)
Large: 71” x 85”
Standard: 52” x 61”

Available Editions
Large: Edition of 2
Standard: Edition of 4

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The Summer Of 75

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