Route 66

Amboy, California – 2023

In the 1950s, the Californian Dream made Route 66 the most famous road in the
world. “The Mother Road”, as John Steinbeck described it in The Grapes of
Wrath, became the route of flight for the American Middle Class; a trend
accelerated by the rapidly evolving Californian economy and the opening of
Disneyland in 1955.
The stretch of road heading east near Amboy in the baking Californian desert
showcases the Route 66 journey as it once was. The sense of scale offers the
filmmaker a valuable tool kit and I have been drawn to this outpost for many
years. It is a commitment of time to get there, but one that many road trippers
make because of the iconic Roy’s Motel and Cafe which serves as the one
identifiable landmark in a barren desert.
Amboy is a known known and I worried how I could break new ground because
like all spectacular vistas in the US, it has been well photographed. The
challenge is not in getting there, but in transcending when one does.
I called upon a Hong Kong friend who is a passionate investor in vintage cars
and owns one of the most lauded and valuable collections in the world. I
explained the shoot concept and he graciously offered up one his most coveted
treasures – the 1953 Ferrari 250 MM Vignale Spider. It was one of only 12 built
in the world and when one comes up at auction, they sell for more than a
London townhouse. His team was kind enough to transport this fabled Ferrari
1,000 miles across the country, but at least when they arrived, they understood
the opportunity. It was going to be a trip well made.
The design of the Ferrari was perfect as its low windscreen allowed my lens
direct access into the faces of the girl (the wonderful Daniela Braga) and the
wolf. They could then hold centre stage and let all the other constituent parts
play off each other.
The goal of this shoot was to play on the metaphor that is Route 66. It
encapsulates the American Dream, as it was the road of freedom and ambition.
Go West, work hard, stay focused and enjoy the very best of lives.
We styled to the mid 1950s and I told Daniela to exude a sense of positivity.
She should look, as Nat King Cole suggested, that she was “Getting her Kicks
on Route 66”.
Hard not to in that Ferrari.

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Route 66

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