Road Trip

Utah USA, 2018


I have always been drawn to the John Ford scenery of Northern Arizona and
Utah, the highlight of which has to be Monument Valley. I am clearly not alone
in considering the view south from turnoff 13 on the way to Mexican Hat to be
one of the most visually intoxicating sights in the US. It was, of course, used in
Forrest Gump and then provided the front cover to Ridley Scott’s Thelma and

Louise. The US has taken ownership of the term “road trip” as explained
succinctly by this stretch of tarmac. It’s truly an iconic and timeless vista that
shouts “The Wild West”.
Gladiator is probably Ridley Scott’s finest movie and I have watched it over and
over again. Meanwhile, Thelma and Louise is rightly one of the most lauded
road trip movies of all time. About a month ago, I picked up the DVD box and
had a moment of inspiration. Their use of the convertible car and the head on
angle offered a totally different perspective on Monument Valley.
Taking my pre-conception through to reality that Wednesday morning was no
small task. I want to thank Brawler Productions in LA for collaborating with me
and helping secure exclusive use of the road at the key time, around 7.40 am.
It’s a busy road and the Utah State Police were fantastic. Josie Canseco played
her role brilliantly – it was not easy to look that glamorous and in charge with a
wolf sitting in Thelma’s seat. It is no surprise that Victoria’s Secret has booked
her for its latest show in NYC.
We arrived on site two days before the shoot as we wanted to be in control of
everything within our control. I can’t remember ever pondering more over
camera settings and lenses. I knew I would have a generous amount of light to
play with at 7.40 and we had to use it well. The big variable was the wolf’s
behaviour – the light gets too harsh from about 8am and therefore there was
only a small window to get the job wrapped. It was tight, but we did it. All in all,
it was a great team effort in a fairly remote part of the American West.
When we showed this picture for the first time in late September the reaction
was huge. It is a very special image and I think we nailed it. Thank you, Josie,
you were fabulous.


Digital Pigment Print on Archival
315gsm Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta Paper
Frame included
Hand signed and numbered on the front by the artist
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity


Available Sizes (Framed Size)
Large: Edition of 12, Framed Size
Standard: Edition of 12, Framed Size

Available Editions
Large: 71″ x 92″ (180 cm x 234 cm)
Standard: 52” x 66” (132 cm x 168 cm)

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Road Trip

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