Ranthambore National Park, India 2019


I have a few time honoured rules when photographing in the wild – stay low, get
close and work against the light. Following this shoot in India, I added another –
“always stay calm”.
We had seen two tigers at breakfast time when the park is accessible to all. It
was a decent moment, but nothing sensational. At 9.30am the visitors must
leave and then we and a handful of jeeps had until 3.30 pm on our own in the
1600 km2 of Ranthambhore. These are precious hours as tiger behaviour
becomes more predictable as the temperature rises. Given the acreage of the
vast park there is every chance of working alone.
Much of the hottest part of the day (around 44°c) was spent looking for an
adult male tiger who my guide for six years – Vipul Jain – knew to have been in
the area in the last few hours. Back and forth we went in rotation to the tiger’s
favourite three watering holes, but there was nothing. Our cold-water supplies
were low and our energy even lower.
Just as I was ready to throw in the towel at 2.40 pm and submit to the comfort
of air conditioning and a cold shower, Vipul saw something with his discerning
eyes and our driver sped towards a small cave in the escarpment. There, at the
front of the cave, but out of the heat, sat the tiger in the best lit spot I can ever
remember with any animal.
When we arrived, I remember saying to everyone “stay calm”. It was time to take
a deep breath and think. The tiger was going nowhere as long as we kept our
cool and went to work. If the tiger moved either a metre backwards or forwards
the light was gone.
I think we just about stayed calm and therefore so did the tiger. You work for
moments like these.


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