Lamborghini Miura Diasec


Diasec is our chosen method of production that gives the x-rays the most impact and detail. Museum quality archival Chromogenic prints are sandwiched between di-bond on the back and polished perspex on the face. The artworks elegantly appear to be floating off the wall in a modern frameless style. Many people think these artworks are back-lit, but it is just the high quality gloss deep black background and detailed x-ray that makes the art ‘pop’. This method of
production is also known as ‘plexi face-mount’.

Diasecs – Xray mounted to acrylic framed


S- 108 x 54cm – Ed of 25
M- 166 x 83cm – Ed of 15
L- 216 x 108cm – Ed of 9

Subjects – characters, items – Framed

59 x 75cm – Ed of 25
101 x 127cm – Ed of 15
118 x 150cm – Ed of 9

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Lamborghini Miura Diasec

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