Philippe Shangti

At the age of 5, Philippe Shangti, originally from Toulouse, held his first camera in his hands; by the age of 14, he was building his own camera to understand its mechanism. The love for photography was born early in this self-taught artist with a curious, imaginative, and perfectionist personality.

Coming from a humble background and having a very wholesome nature, his new life on the French Riviera was a shock for thw native of the suburbs of Toulouse. All the debauchery and opulence of parties and luxury inspired the artist’s initial creations. Thus, he gave birth to his famous emblematic work “No Cocaine Here” and later a series of photographs on the theme “ART Vs Drugs”, in which he denounces denial by depicting superheroes consuming drugs despite his iconic message: “No Cocaine Here”. By associating the image with superheroes and using a message that contradicts the scene he creates, Philippe Shangti seeks to highlight the hypocrisy of denial often linked to drug consumption.

Shangti is not just an isolated artist but a passionate collaborator. He has worked closely with renowned brands and charitable organisations to create unique works of art that combine creativity and social engagement. His most notable collaborations include working with Dj David Guetta to create the artwork “Luxury Music Dinner”, released in 2022, as well as the cover and numerous photos for the Playboy Magazine’s Art edition in 2021.

Today, Philippe Shangti’s art continues to inspire, provoke, and captivate. His boundless creativity and dedication to pushing artistic boundaries make him an essential artist in the art market, with an impact felt far beyond the art world.

Philippe Shangti

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