Elevating Scape’s Art Investment Portfolio


ART+ has been appointed to curate and manage art portfolios for the Scape Art Trust.

Guided by the discerning eye of Jay Lyon, a prominent fine art specialist. ART+ meticulously select artworks with inherent investment value based off carefully considered information and current art market trends.

These artworks find a home within a trust established through Scape and are thoughtfully integrated into Scape’s offices and buildings throughout Australia.


This strategic collaboration yields remarkable benefits, including:


Tangible Assets for Scape: Through the art trust, Scape secures tangible, appreciating assets, enhancing the depth and diversity of its investment portfolio.


Aesthetic Enhancement: Beyond financial value, these artworks enhance the overall aesthetics, atmosphere, and ambiance of Scape’s office spaces. They infuse vitality, inspiring employees to eagerly return to work and revel in their enriched environments.


Innovative Distinction: Scape, as a global corporation, gains an innovative edge through this artistic initiative.
Supporting the Arts: Scape’s engagement with ART+ supports the arts.

Investment art Portfolio

ART+ x Dutton Garage

Who are The Dutton Group?

Dutton Garage stands as a global epitome among premium retailers of classic, collectable, exotic, and rare automobiles, boasting its iconic showroom nestled in Melbourne, Australia. Armed with formidable global buying prowess and an expansive international network, Dutton embark on a relentless quest to source, acquire, and distribute vehicles for enthusiasts across the planet. Dutton’s seasoned experts offer a bespoke, concierge-like service, crafting tailored experiences for those in pursuit of their next collectable, classic, or exotic automotive masterpiece.

ART+ joint venture with Dutton Garage

ART+ and The Dutton Garage group orchestrated a sensational partnership during the 2023 Australian Grand Prix weekend in Melbourne.
This extraordinary collaboration featured none other than the internationally acclaimed artist, ‘RIOCAM’, renowned as a premium automotive and fashion photographer on the global stage.
ART+ curated an exclusive exhibit within Dutton Garage’s Melbourne showroom, where RIOCAM’s limited edition artworks took centre stage.
The showroom, usually home to exceptional automobiles, was transformed into a breathtaking, immersive gallery; inviting collectors to invest in the mesmerising works of RIOCAM.
Collectors were granted an extraordinary opportunity of a lifetime—a personalised art experience with the renowned RIOCAM himself.
Curated by ART+, this unique experience allowed collectors to commission RIOCAM to apply his unmatched photographic expertise to their cherished car collections. With unparalleled skill, he transformed these automotive treasures into one-of-a-kind artworks.
Each hand-signed and marked as an exclusive edition 1/1, destined to adorn their private art collections.
The result was nothing short of astonishing – this unique art and automotive spectacle was completely sold out over a span of six incredible days. It stood as a testament to the magnetic allure of art, automobiles, and the synergy created when exceptional talents align.

Integrating Art in Commercial Spaces

ART+ remains an unwavering catalyst in the ongoing movement to infuse art into commercial spaces, thus nurturing vibrant communities, celebrating culture, and enhancing mental well-being. 

The infusion of art into commercial spaces represents a potent strategy for rejuvenating Central Business District (CBD) complexes and reigniting urban vitality.

ART+ have been fortunate to partner with leading hospitality groups in Australia.


Nestled within the heart of Potts Point, Parlar is not just a restaurant; it’s a lavish culinary experience. With its soft, ambient lighting, opulent goldenmarble tables, sumptuous velvet chairs, and a captivating array of Alexander Calder tapestries, Parlar presents an enchanting introduction that sets the stage for a remarkable dining journey. 

This fine-diner is on a mission to transport its patrons to Catalonia, the captivating region in Spain’s northeast. Parlar achieves this through a brilliant fusion of Australian ingredients and culinary techniques borrowed from the Iberian Peninsula.

 ART+ played an instrumental role in elevating the dining experience at Parlar. We embarked on a quest to source and secure pieces by the internationally renowned Pop Art Artist, Alexander Calder. Among these treasures were three exceptionally rare tapestry pieces, each a testament to Calder’s artistic genius. Additionally, a selection of limited edition, hand-signed fine art prints further enriched the restaurant’s ambiance. But our involvement extended beyond acquisition; the ART+ team meticulously organised the end-to-end process. Every selected artwork was specifically custom framed and thoughtfully installed, with the combined value of these artistic marvels exceeding $400,000.

This collaboration between ART+ and Parlar serves as an embodiment of how art and gastronomy can harmoniously coexist, creating an experience where culinary excellence and artistic mastery converge to create a dining journey unlike any other.

Armorica Grande Brasserie

At Armorica, the pursuit of opulence knows no bounds. From the Italian marble underfoot to the tufted cherry leather, naval brass railings, and the gilded lamps that grace every table, it’s abundantly clear that no expense has been spared in creating an atmosphere of unrivaled luxury. 

In a captivating collaboration, ART+ and Armorica united their creative forces to align artworks that perfectly complemented the dedication to craftsmanship and culinary innovation that defines Armorica. 

David Plunket, a distinguished New York illustrator, was the artistic visionary entrusted with crafting these exquisite artworks. 

David Plunket’s artistic masterpieces were not created in isolation; each stroke of his brush, every consideration of colour palette, and every aesthetic choice were meticulously designed to seamlessly merge with Armorica’s top-tier luxury interiors and impeccable finishes. 

This collaboration between ART+ and Armorica transcends the boundaries of fine dining. 

Every element, from the opulent decor to the culinary techniques, is a resounding testament to the unwavering pursuit of excellence. Armorica has become an oasis where the worlds of art and gastronomy unite to create a dining journey that is nothing short of extraordinary.

ART+ x Corporate Spaces

The Transformative Power of Art in Corporate Spaces: A Catalyst for Productivity and Innovation

In the modern corporate landscape, the integration of art into office environments transcends mere aesthetics; it emerges as a dynamic force that redefines the very essence of workspaces.

1. Attracting and Engaging Talent: Art-infused corporate spaces become magnets for top talent. Professionals are drawn to workplaces that prioritise aesthetics, culture, and creativity. This trend is underscored by a LinkedIn survey revealing that 70% of professionals believe office art is important for igniting their creativity and engagement.

2. Enriching and Celebrating Spaces: Art transforms mundane office spaces into vibrant hubs of culture and expression. As per a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, employees in art-enriched environments reported a 30% increase in feelings of happiness and contentment at work, ultimately fostering a culture of celebration and well-being.

3. Boosting Employee Satisfaction and Productivity: Artistic office spaces not only make work more enjoyable but also boost productivity. A research study by the University of Exeter found that employees in art-filled offices were 17% more productive than those in bland environments, indicating a direct correlation between aesthetics and output.

4. Inspiring Creative Innovation: Forward-thinking companies understand that art sparks innovation. By placing artistic expressions at the forefront of their office design, businesses position themselves as pioneers of creative thinking. A PWC survey highlighted that 87% of CEOs believe that integrating art in the workplace encourages creative thinking and problem-solving.

5. At the Intersection of Technology and Imagination: Art in corporate spaces isn’t just static; it’s increasingly interactive and tech-driven. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) art installations are paving the way for immersive and cutting-edge experiences. This fusion of art and technology positions workplaces as incubators of innovative thought for future generations.

6. Wellness and Mental Health Benefits: Art in corporate spaces also has quantifiable mental health benefits. According to a study published in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology” in 2020, employees in art-enriched offices experienced a 15% increase in overall well-being and reported lower stress levels.

7. Talent Retention: Art in the workplace aids in talent retention. A survey by
the International Association of Art in Business found that 74% of employees
consider art in the office a strong factor in their job satisfaction, leading to
lower turnover rates.

In conclusion, the integration of art into corporate spaces transcends the ornamental—it becomes an essential pillar of the modern workplace, as evidenced by these statistics. It attracts and retains talent, enriches environments with culture, enhances employee satisfaction and productivity, and positions organisations as vanguards of creative innovation, all while contributing to the well-being of the workforce.

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