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At ART+ we are the architects of artistic transformation for commercial and corporate spaces.

Our expertise lies in the meticulous curation of fine art that not only elevates the aesthetic allure of these environments but also serves as a living testament to the core values and brand identity of the organisations we partner with.

Each artwork we select possesses a dual purpose. To captivate the senses with its aesthetic excellence and to eloquently convey a message harmonising with our clients’ aspirations.

The collaborative journey with our artists encompasses the curated sourcing and selection of works, skilful negotiation of pricing, and the seamless orchestration of logistical intricacies, including installation and the ongoing care of art portfolios.

Our ultimate goal is the creation of immersive environments that serve as a wellspring of inspiration and engagement for the public sphere, employees, clients, and visitors alike, all while adding substantive value to the brand.

The outcome? An extraordinary, immersive experience that not only enhances an organisation’s brand but enriches the collective experience of all who are fortunate to interact with it.

Who are SCAPE?

Scape, a global student accommodation powerhouse, emerged from a simple but powerful concept.

“Students deserve the best, no more compromises on quality living.”

In 2012, Scape’s journey began in London’s Mile End with the opening of their first building, demonstrating that a better way was possible. Today, Scape are on a mission to create outstanding living spaces for students worldwide, currently offering and developing over 18,000 beds. Their ambition knows no bounds, as they embark on a new chapter by launching over 20,000 beds in the USA over the next five years, starting with Scape Boston.

Wherever Scape expand, their unwavering commitment to intuitive design and exceptional service ensures students remain at the heart of everything they do.

Scape’s Distinctive Approach: ‘Shaping Minds and Spaces’

Scape has rewritten the rules of student accommodation by curating worldclass living and learning environments.

“Our stylish rooms and innovative spaces provide a nurturing sanctuary for future leaders, fostering an environment that’s safe, inspiring, and engaging. Beyond offering a comfy bed, we believe in providing homes that cater precisely to students’ needs.”

Scape introduces brilliant minds to new cities, cultures, ideas, and possibilities, creating more than just a residence—it’s a transformative experience.

ART+ joint venture with SCAPE:

In 2021, ART+ was engaged by Scape to become Scape’s National Art Curator, entrusted with the mission of seamlessly infusing art throughout various Scape properties.

This initiative breathes life into spaces with art and culture, a visionary endeavour that serves as a catalyst for cultivating vibrant public communities.

Behold, ‘THE ART SCAPE’: a testament to the power of art in shaping environments and fostering community connections.


THE ‘ART SCAPE’ Unleashes Creative Initiatives, including:

  • Curated Art Investment: We meticulously select and curate an investment portfolio of artworks, fostering a fusion of art and real estate.


  • Artist-in-Residence Program: Bridging students and residents with emerging talents and artists, our Artist-in-Residence program creates an immersive experience, igniting creativity and collaboration.


  • Public Art Installations: We adorn spaces with captivating public art installations, spanning enchanting murals, captivating transport designs, and dynamic digital art displays.


  • Artistic Merchandise: Empowering students to craft and personalise their own merchandise in collaboration with artists, forging unique connections between art and lifestyle.


  • Unique Workshop Programs: Our workshops for students are tailored for individuality, fostering creativity and expression.


  • Community Activation: By integrating artists into public ecosystems, we activate spaces with art and culture, cultivating communities that thrive on creativity and connection. Welcome to THE ART SCAPE – where art becomes life.

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