Scape’s Artist-in-Residence Program

In a serendipitous alignment of philosophies, ART+ and Scape have converged on a profound belief: that art possesses the transformative power to breathe life into both individuals and spaces.

The Artist in Residence program is a dynamic bridge that connects students and residents with emerging talents and artists, creating an immersive experience that sparks creativity and collaboration like never before.

This national program was born at Scape Carlton in Melbourne 2021, where we embarked on our inaugural collaboration with the rising Australian sensation,
Nathan Nankervis.

The program extends beyond the canvas; it extends into merchandise, including bespoke furniture, inviting bean bags, intricate rugs, custom prints, and captivating stickers. But it doesn’t stop there. Public art takes to the
streets, adorning trams in Sydney and Melbourne, transforming them into moving murals that breathe life into our cities.

Scape’s mission is to give students the chance to engage with artists and art in the real world, creating lasting memories and immersing themselves in creative
pursuits that encompass art, culture, and the digital frontier.


The remarkable success of this program can be attributed to several key factors:

Inclusivity: We firmly believe that art should be accessible to all, not just a privileged few. Our program opens the doors wide, inviting everyone to embrace the world of art.

Unique Memories: Students leave with more than just knowledge – they craft unique memories from engaging in artistic experiences, delving into the realms of art, culture, and futuristic digital initiatives.

Innovative Activation: For Scape, this program is not just about art; it’s about innovative activation. It breathes life into the student accommodation spaces across Melbourne, enticing people back into the city, fostering vibrant communities, and allowing them to relish the remarkable facilities and offerings of Scape, a pioneering student accommodation company.

With Scape’s Artist-in-Residence program, art becomes a dynamic force that not only enriches lives but also reinvigorates communities, inviting everyone to rediscover the beauty and creativity in the world around them.

Nathan Nankervis

Rising Star in Australia’s Artistic Horizon

Prepare to be captivated by the young and immensely talented digital illustrator, Nathan Nankervis, hailing from the vibrant city of Melbourne. With an innovative spirit and an unwavering passion for creativity, Nathan has boldly pushed the boundaries of art in remarkable ways.


His artistic journey knows no limits, encompassing a multifaceted spectrum that includes art, design, illustration, and even ventures into the realms of furniture and apparel.


As a rising sensation, he’s leaving an indelible mark on Melbourne’s artistic landscape, inspiring others to see the world through a different lens and encouraging them to embrace the limitless possibilities of creative expression.


“Australian illustrator and designer Nathan Nankervis has made a name for himself amongst the creative industry as one of the next big things. Having bagged accolades for his work from across the world and worked with some of the biggest clients in the country.” – Crave Media


“In a relatively short time Nathan has built an impressive portfolio of clients and editorial commissions…We hope to collaborate with Nathan again before he is too famous, we’re predicting big things for this guy!” – The Design Files



“His work is experimental and playful, his illustrations, type and pattern work all feeding into one exciting and unique portfolio. This guy is hot shit!” – The Design Kids

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