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ART+ is an Australian-based enterprise founded by Jay Lyon, an esteemed fine art advisor and curator.

ART+ connects both local and global top tier artists with established brands, commercial enterprises and private collectors in the procurement and curation of investment art portfolios.

We craft bespoke art events, unveil exhibitions, and orchestrate immersive activations that transcend the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

Our sphere of expertise extends to the ethereal realms of fine art photography, modern contemporaneity, pop art, and the vibrant pulse of street art. Currently, ART+ takes immense pride in its partnerships with luminaries such as Terry O’Neill, Tyler Shields, Michael Moebius, David Yarrow, and the venerable Douglas Kirkland, among others.

Clients of ART+ are predominantly Fortune 500 companies, iconic bastions of hospitality, purveyors of opulent furnishings, celebrated architects of interior dreams, maestros of luxury fashion, distinguished CEOs, luminous celebrities and discerning patrons of high-net-worth distinction.

We’ve had the privilege of teaming up with global giants, crafting beautiful art activations, spectacular events, and mesmerising exhibitions that pulse with the vibrant energy of their unique demographics and rich cultural tapestry.

ART + is an Australian based company founded by Jay Lyon Art advisor and curator. ART + connects both local and global artists with established brands, commercialbusinesses and private clients in the procurement and curation of investment art portfolios. Art + is an organiser of brand + artists collaborations, specialised artevents, exhibits and activations.

ART+ specialises in fine art photography, modern contemporary, pop art and street art. ART + currently works with some of the biggest artists and estates in the worldincluding Terry O’Neill, Tyler Shields, Michael Moebius, David Yarrow, DouglasKirkland to name a few.

Clients of ART+ are predominately Fortune 500 companies, Hotel chains, high end furniture retailers, world leading interior designers, luxury fashion houses, CEOs, celebrities and high net worth individuals. We have collaborated with global brands in creating art activations, events and exhibits specialised to their demographic and culture.



Jay Lyon is a seasoned Fine Art Specialist and Consultant with a profound mastery of the dynamic and ever-evolving art market.

Jay is distinguished not only by his exceptional talent and extensive knowledge within fine art but also by his remarkable humility.

Jay’s focus primarily centres on the realms of Fine Art Photography and Modern Contemporary mediums. His expertise transcends mere aesthetics, encompassing the practical dimensions of art collection management, orchestration of exclusive artist collaborations, consultation of private investment portfolios.

With over two decades of experience, Jay has cultivated an exclusive network of contacts spanning the private, corporate, and commercial art spheres both domestically and internationally.

Jay’s rare and specialised eye within the creative landscape, positions him at the forefront of expertise to clients embarking on their art collection journeys or seeking to elevate their premium spaces.

Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or embarking on your collecting journey, Jay is your steadfast ally, ensuring informed decisions and curations that authentically mirror your individual style yet generate long term investment.

Discover the art world with clarity and confidence under Jay's expert guidance.



Jaime P. Silva, a distinguished art connoisseur with a wealth of experience, specializes in pop art, fine art photography, and modern contemporary masterpieces. With over a decade of expertise, Jaime's multifaceted background encompasses business acumen, marketing prowess, portfolio management finesse, and esteemed positions on indigenous group boards both in Australia and Latin America.

His illustrious career includes collaborations with prestigious brands such as Tiffany and Louis Vuitton, underscoring his prowess in art collection management, investment strategies, and valuation methodologies, all underscored by his acute awareness of market dynamics and trends.

Recognized as a trusted art advisor, Jaime has orchestrated notable acquisitions for private collectors, museums, philanthropic boards, and esteemed public institutions. His unwavering commitment to clients' needs and dedication to philanthropic initiatives make him a valued asset to ART+ and the wider art community.



Mikka, an accomplished photographer and artist with a track record of success, has seamlessly transitioned her expertise into the realm of art advising and consulting. With a meticulous eye for detail and a profound understanding of the art world, Mikka offers invaluable guidance in the intricate processes of art selection, acquisition, and collection management.

What sets Mikka apart is her unique perspective, stemming from her background as an artist. This perspective enables her to decode the intentions and value of individual artworks, all while aligning seamlessly with the needs and aspirations of her clients, whether they are private collectors or corporate entities.

Over the span of a decade, Mikka has cultivated an extensive network, catering to a discerning clientele. She stands as an invaluable resource, illuminating the labyrinthine pathways of the art world.

Mikka's talents extend beyond consultation; she is also a collaborative virtuoso, specialising in crafting distinctive activations for commercial and corporate clients. Her creative prowess shines in developing immersive experiences that breathe new life into a client's brand, unveiling it in fresh and exhilarating ways.

From pop-up galleries and interactive installations to meticulously curated exhibitions and one-of-a-kind events, Mikka assembles a diverse spectrum of artists and creators to manifest her clients' visions.

For those seeking to make a lasting mark in their industry, Mikka stands as a trusted partner and a catalyst for memorable impact.

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